Contact Us at Our Chicago & Hinsdale Offices

To make an appointment: 312-943-3300

Non-emergency questions during office hours: 312-943-3300

During office hours, you will be able to leave a voice mail message with a medical assistant. After speaking with a health care provider, the medical assistant or the provider will return your call within 24 hours with an answer to your question.

Emergency calls or onset of labor during office hours: 312-943-3300

Follow the telephone prompts guiding you directly to our office staff for emergency-related calls. An emergency is the sudden unexpected onset of serious symptoms such as:

  • Pain such as severe abdominal pain, labor pains, or headaches unrelieved by Tylenol
  • Heavy vaginal bleeding
  • Fevers above a temperature of 100.4

If you are not sure it is an emergency you can phone our office anytime for an evaluation. During evening or weekend hours, our answering service will promptly relay your information to your physician or the physician on call.

Emergency calls after business hours or on weekends: 312-943-3300

Leave a detailed message with the answering service. If you do not get a call back within 15 minutes, call again. If you are still unable to reach your doctor and it is a true obstetric emergency call Prentice Labor and Delivery at 312-472-0800.